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Social Workers in Home Health

Social Workers: The Glue of Home Healthcare

Social work is a sector within the world of healthcare that is aimed at meeting the basic needs of individuals, families, and communities. Social workers provide support and act as advocates for patients who are working through psychological, health, family, and financial struggles. They can often refer patients to the proper professionals and can provide them with resources to assist with meeting needs such as housing, food, and therapy. Social workers are especially important when it comes to assisting patients who would have no means of bettering their living situation without help.

Social Work in Home Health

Social workers can work in a variety of different settings, and one of the settings where they offer a huge contribution is within home health. Individuals receiving home healthcare are often considered part of a vulnerable population as they are receiving care to assist with activities of daily living. Most individuals receiving home healthcare are dealing with physical ailments, mental ailments, or a combination of both. They rely on and trust the individuals that make up their team of caregivers. In addition to the medical professionals that provide home healthcare, social workers serve as a crucial component of a well-rounded support team.

elderly patient greeting social worker at the door

How Social Workers Help Home Health Patients

When a loved one, a family member, or a friend is receiving home healthcare, having someone to look out for their financial situation, living condition, and mental health can help ease your stress and improve their overall quality of life. This is where social workers bring huge value to the home health world. There are several primary goals that social workers often focus on to best care for their patients. A safe living space is at the top of the list. Social workers can help to ensure there are no hazards in the home and that everything your loved one needs is accessible. Additionally, they can offer numerous programs and referrals to make sure the proper professionals are available to your loved one to meet their unique needs. This can include referrals to nutrition counseling, adult social care, support groups, transportation services, and more. The overall wellness and stability of your loved one can be preserved by the help of a social worker.

social work concept

Well Rounded Care

Well rounded and collaborative care is the most important thing for your loved one when they are receiving home healthcare. The role of the social worker compliments the medical team by paying special attention to the individual’s mental health and quality of life. Incorporating a social worker into the home healthcare of your loved one will elevate their quality of life and ensure thye are safe and supported in all the ways they need!


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