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The Importance of Chaplains

At certain times throughout life we are reminded that the mind, body, and spirit all share a connectedness and at times need to be nurtured. Everyone has their unique situation which is important to consider, especially when hospice care is needed. In a hospice care setting, it’s necessary to feel every aspect of support is actively being cared for. Today, healthcare providers have come to realize patients want a holistic approach to well-being which is where hospice chaplains come into play. Hospice chaplains go beyond the constraints of medical practitioners by becoming spiritual caregivers or providers for the terminally ill and their loved ones. A chaplain is not a spiritual caregiver in a religious sense but are there to help support emotional and spiritual health along the journey. During times like so, it is comforting to find relief. Relief comes in different forms and is individualistic to the person in need. Chaplains cater to all individuals’ religious and non-religious experiences. The foundation of this practice is to provide an active presence and a listening body. Chaplains take into account the emotional, physical, and mental stressors to provide the most appropriate care. Fortunately, chaplains are not alone. They work with a hospice team that consists of physicians, volunteers, dietitians, and various health aides. The team is coordinated with a medical manager putting into action the best end of life care plan for your loved ones. These professionals are here to provide comfort in all forms for patients and loved ones through care of the mind and body. To find out more about Abode Hospice services can benefit your loved on, please contact us.

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