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Feedback is very important to us as we strive to be the best home health and hospice care provider in Colorado.

Caregiver Feedback

At Abode Hospice & Home Health, our reputation means more to us than just an online review. Presently, we receive hundreds of handwritten letters from our patients’ families and caregivers, expressing their gratitude for exceeding the expectations of home health and hospice care. It is our passion to serve those in the most delicate part of their lives.

Testimonial #1

I have never written a review before, but everyone we dealt with at Abode was so kind and understanding, I felt the need to. The 1st person we dealt with at the hospital was Allison who got my Aunt started, and sent home with Abode. She was very informative and going above and beyond to explain Hospice care with us on a Holiday weekend. Sue, her nurse, was knowledgeable, and there for us, EVERY time we had questions or called. I can not say enough about Hans, the night nurse. He was absolutely WONDERFUL.

Unquestionably I would recommend this company to everyone who has to make these kind of choices for their loved ones. Its not an easy time for families, and it really helps to have people like this to help you through it. Thank you Abode.

Testimonial #2

Undoubtedly (Abode) is a very wonderful company. We have been working with the nurses, CNAs, chaplain and caseworker with my mom up until she passed away. I don’t know what we would’ve done without their help. They are now working on behalf of my dad and have been very helpful with finding us sources for assisted living facilities and other home care services.

Testimonial #3

I am a nurse with Abode Hospice and have never worked for such an amazing company. As a staff member I feel valued and appreciated every day. My team is over 50 people and I LIKE everyone of them. Often I hear my administrator say “It is the right thing to do”, not “it is not in our budget.” I am encouraged to take my time with a patient. Sometimes the most important thing I do in a day is take time to just sit and listen to a patient or a family member. I thought I was done with nursing until I found Abode Hospice. It is a privilege to be a part of the varsity team. I recommend Abode Hospice as a stellar place to work and a business that truly cares about their patients and families.

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