The best evidence of the way we care for individuals comes from the voices of their loved ones. Here are some of the words of appreciation we’ve received:

“There is really no way to express how much you’ve meant to us. Anytime mom was in pain, you took care of it. Anytime she felt discomfort, your team helped her to relax. You allowed mom to pass in peace, and that is something that our family will be forever grateful for. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the way you cared for my brother. You paid attention to the details that only family knew about – the way he needed to get his nervous energy out through his legs, and how he liked to listen to music right before he went to sleep. You took the time to really get to know what made him tick, and that was a big deal for me.”

“We would like to say thank you for making everything so easy for us. Your phone calls, your letters, and your patience were so appreciated.”

“I really didn’t know what to expect, or how everything would work. My husband was going through so many different things with his leukemia, diabetes, and immune system… But you knew how to deal with it, and you knew how to put his mind at ease. My sons and I appreciate the well-rounded care you provided for him.”

“My father loved making people laugh, and he loved to laugh. As he became sicker, he lost a lot of that light-hearted nature. But I believe he was more at peace, and a little bit more like himself toward the end, thanks to the back-and-forth he had with the nurses and aides. Thank you for bringing smiles to my father’s face, even when we all knew the reality of the situation.”