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Ellen Foster

Ellen Foster
RN Case Manager

I have been working as a nurse for 23 years, in the hospice field for 10 and with Abode Hospice for just over 2 years – which have been by far the greatest of my nursing career. I am currently working as an RNCM out of our Colorado Springs location. 

I was discouraged after my previous experience in working with hospice. Then, my best friend started at Abode and talked me into giving them a chance to show me that I truly did have a passion for hospice. Right away, I was very impressed with their RNCM PT load (averaging around 15), which meant I actually had time for each of my patients. Abode also has access to so many resources for our patients and staff, with pay and benefits that are better than any hospice I have worked for.

The best part about working for Abode is the support to the staff. We acknowledge those that have passed every week during our meetings as well as monthly at our all-staff meetings. We are constantly giving kudos to each other via email, and are treated to meals, goodie bags and awards. On top of it all, I am always able to talk to my Clinical Supervisor when I am feeling overwhelmed, and she is always there to help. Without hesitation, Abode advocates for their nurses, ensuring we aren’t experiencing burnout.

I can truthfully say that I love every single person I work with at Abode – directly and indirectly. They have a high standard for their employees, filling their positions with those who have true hospice hearts. 

In a journal entry I recently wrote, “I STILL love my job. I STILL love working for Abode Hospice.”