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Mark Slepicka

Mark Slepicka
Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator

 Hi, I’m Mark Slepicka, Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator with Abode Hospice. Before working with hospice, I worked as a pastor for 16 years, stumbling upon this field by accident, but absolutely fell in love. I see more of the grace of God working in hospice than ever before, watching God’s spirit give our patients peace and comfort. 

If I were to use three words to describe the impact a Chaplain can have on a patient at the end of life, it would be this:

  1. Healing – from a spiritual aspect. This is an important part of the end-of-life process.
  2. Grace – helping patients accept themselves for who they are.
  3. Humor – the staff works to keep situations as enjoyable as possible for the patients and their families. I believe this helps us all work through it. 

Abode always puts its employees first, ensuring we have the tools necessary to be our best and give our patients the care they deserve. In return, we have a better employee retention rate, allowing us to become as close as family. I absolutely love what I do for our patients here at Abode. It is a pleasure and so fulfilling to get to serve these incredible people and get to listen to their life stories as they near the end.