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What We Do Matters

“Every person we have an opportunity to serve is unique and precious. Some people just press upon our hearts in such a way that they become unforgettable. M.B. (patient) was a wonderful husband, father, friend, and an exemplary citizen. He loved serving in our community as a Peace Officer. His wife, who loved him deeply and cared for him with self abandon stated, “He is a pillar of our family.” M.B. spoke with such pride about his wife and children. How he loved his family and life in general.  He also loved to talk about how much he loves God. “He visited me in this room,” M.B. said. “When I felt lonely, it was very comforting for me to see Him.” “I must have done something good to deserve this,” the patient added. As I played Estern Orthodox Vespers songs the patient enjoyed listening to, he noticed the image of the Mother of Jesus on my phone that was being shown along with music. Though it was already difficult for him to move his arm, he slowly  crossed himself with reverence. His faith was deeply important to him. On the day he died, his wife and kids embraced and cried together for a long time. “We will be Ok,” she reassured them.  The patient’s wife expressed deep gratitude for all the hospice team members who embraced her husband, her and their kids with care. “I could not have done it without you,” she stated. What you do matters. It matters more than you may EVER know. Thank you for your heart that was offered so generously for this precious family and all persons and families you care for.” Gratefully, Chaplain Rev. Stacy Gadeliya, M.A.

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