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A Love Story-This is Hospice

Abode recently signed on a patient to our hospice services who lives with her husband of over 60 years in an Independent Living Community.  Their story is…between the loving husband and devoted wife: they make a whole. Unexpectedly, the husband is now hospitalized.  Our patient is being cared for at home, by an adult son, with the support of Abode Hospice.  Ah yes, the adult son, now the primary caregiver, who also has his life challenges, quickly realizing that this is not an ideal situation.  Sound familiar?  In order to support him, and ensure that our patient receives the care needed in a safe, nurturing environment, we have arranged a respite stay. This wife is hesitant to leave her home, worried that when her husband returns, that they will not be together again.  After 60+ years of wedded bliss and understanding her terminal diagnosis, there is nothing more important than being with her husband! Thanks to our wonderful community partners and hospice team, we found a Care Community that is accepting the husband for rehab, and welcoming our patient to respite at the same time…all the while, staying together! The couple will most likely transition to an Assisted Living apartment in this community, continuing their life journey, for the time they have left…being together.  We are honoring the final chapter of their Love Story! THIS IS HOSPICE! To make more love stories with Abode Hospice, contact us today!

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